3 Good Reasons your Business Needs A Google AdWords Account.

Your Business Needs A Google AdWords Account

Google is undoubtedly a titan of the internet, and if your business needs exposure online, you need Google. One of the top products offered by Google is Google AdWords. Typically, companies use a Google AdWords account to place advertisements on Google search and display networks. However, there are other uses for an AdWords account that can benefit your business without spending a penny on Google Ads. In this post, we’ll explore three reasons your business needs a Google AdWords account and how it can help you achieve your online goals.

Google AdWords Account

Business Perspectives through the Keyword Insight Tool

The Keyword Planner is an excellent resource to help you find new keywords relevant to your business. These insights can be valuable in determining where to concentrate your marketing efforts. For instance, if you sell shirts, you may find that people are searching for specific types of shirts more than others, such as “Polo-Shirts” or “Button Down Dress Shirts.” When one term has more search volume than the other, it could indicate potential new business and something to consider.

Keywords are the ‘fuel’ needed to drive your marketing engine when designing a website. You can generate a reasonable number of research ideas using the Google Keyword Planner tool. This tool can also provide valuable information to your customers with insights to help them make informed decisions about your business services and products.

Gain Competitive Insights with a Google AdWords Account

Knowing what your competitors will pay for the top spot can help you better position your products and services. Keywords considered “Highly Competitive” are usually associated with a higher bid. Suppose you are committed to content or inbound strategy for attracting clients. In that case, you can focus on High Competition and expensive keywords to focus on. However, these are often difficult to rank organically.

On the other hand, if you are willing to put in the work, you might gain a free top position in Google rankings without paying for the clicks or impressions. It could be a good option if you put in the effort to research and create unique content. Suppose you want to focus on a more cost-effective, low-competition strategy. In that case, you need only concentrate on low-competition long-tail keywords. This approach could give your site a much better chance of gaining impressions.
You can achieve all these insights from information gathered from the Keyword Planner within your Google AdWords Account.

Your business may not be ready to advertise with Google AdWords today. Still, you may want to experiment and try running a campaign someday. We recommend all our clients implement a retargeting campaign or install the code on their website to build their audience. These data belong to your business, so you will be all set when you try AdWords.

If you hire an AdWords Freelancer, you can delegate access to your account. This way, you maintain control of your Google AdWords Account and any marketing assets associated with the account, such as ad copy, audiences, data, etc. Proper admin delegation is a good practice if multiple companies or freelancers work on your account.

For more information on how your Google AdWords account can be used to monitor your outsourced help, read "Using the Google AdWords change history to hold your marketing agency accountable."

How to get a Google AdWords Account:

If you have a Gmail account or another Google Service, you should log in with the same credentials. You can go to the Google Adwords Home page to get started. If you are starting from scratch, you can sign up for a google account here. Click the "Create Account" button and choose which options fit your needs the best. 

Google Account Creation

An important note about your Google AdWords Account.

Your Google AdWords Account will need to be in "Expert Mode" to use the Keyword Planner and other advanced features. Don't be intimidated by the term. The alternative is "Smart Mode," which removes advanced features and relies on automation. You don't have to be an expert to use expert mode and take advantage of the resources available to your business. If your AdWords account is in "Smart Mode," click the "Wrench" icon at the top of your dashboard, where you can switch from Smart to Expert mode.

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