Acquiring Business Assets Part 2: Social Media Role Management

Acquiring Your Business Marketing Assets

This incomplete list intends to guide business owners to organize the marketing assets of their business that they may not realize they have under their control. So often, we have come across clients that are missing essential pieces of a marketing campaign; Requiring extra time and money to get up to speed with their marketing goals and put on par with the competition.

This white paper intends to provide a checklist of the basics, bring awareness to the hidden value in your company, and avoid potential pitfalls.

Acquiring Digital Assets

Part 2: Social Media User Roles

Main Takeaways:

  • Be sure you own your Facebook page and other social media accounts (not an employee).
  • You can assign privileges to let others manage your accounts without giving up ownership.
  • Functioning on social media as a business with a personal account is against the terms of service. You could lose your account

Why It matters:


There are too many social media platforms to list so we will only cover some of the basics.

Many business owners have delegated the setup and management of their favorite social media Flavor to a young hip employee, then down the road that employee leaves for any number of reasons; Or even worse they are using a personal account setup for business purposes. Have your own personal account and make sure you have an ownership role for social media assets. You do not want to have your brand misrepresented or have a potential client trying to communicate with you ignored. Also don’t be intimidated by setting these accounts up for yourself. If you are shy and don’t want to be “putting yourself out there” don’t worry. You can still delegate access to a third party or trusted employee to manage the presence of the business online independently of a personal account.

Social Media Management Resources

Here is a quick checklist and resources to help you get control of the social media accounts for your business.


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