Google adwords change log


Alternative use for Google Ad-words Change-log

The primary purpose of the google ad-words change log history is to help determine what changes may have helped or hurt a particular ad campaign. However there is another way to use your change-log if you are curious as to where the fees being paid to your marketing agency are going towards, use the change log as quick reference to hold an agency or freelancer accountable.


Delegate ad-word access appropriately.

Chances are the relationship with your agency or marketing freelancer is set up 1 of 2 ways. We recommend funding your own google ad words account and have delegated access to the agency; OR you are paying a lump sum to an agency that includes ad spend and agency fees. In either case, you will want to know exactly how your money is being spent.  

Taking a quick look at your Google ad words change-log or “Change History” will tell the story of the changes made and when. This change-log includes updates and adjustments to ad budgets, adding and removing ads, adjustments to keywords, and well basically everything. These are the exact activities that an agency or individual is contracted to do. 


Ask to include the change-log with performance reporting.

This metric is a good indication of activity however it should not be used as the sole barometer to how hard an agency is working. One small adjustment in the Ad-words change-log can be the fruit of many hours of work, including research, design, copy writing. The change-log won’t tell you how much time went into creating an ad, just that there was an adjustment made. The other consideration is that your campaign is running at max optimization, which is unlikely since there is always room for improvement.

Using the Ad-words Change-log will be a valuable tool to quickly verify whether a marketing agency or independent contractor is performing the activities you are expecting them to do. Ask to include the change history report along with the performance reports you should already be receiving.