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Direct mail allows your brand to have more quality time with current and prospective customers. Take advantage of discounted bulk mail postage rates. Acquire quality customers while exercising a positive return on your marketing investment. Our mail services include Every Door Direct Mail, First class mail, standard or marketing mail. In addition, we can personalize marketing messages with variable data printing. We are also qualified to include “image riders” with the informed delivery program.

Why Direct Mail?

Direct mail is Selective. You can target your best customers or target segments of your customers.

Measurable, anyone who has worked with us will tell you how vital “measurability” is to us. Mail can be tracked, the effectiveness of offers, quality of lists, and design appeal can all be measured and tracked with direct mail.

Reach; everyone has a mailing address. This gives your business direct access to all your current and potential customers.

Direct mail is Personal, creating a direct line of communication between you and your clients.

Relevancy: You can customize your message to speak to a targeted audience or demographic with direct mail.

You are in control of the schedule and appearance of your mail.

Tangible, the mail is a real thing that customers can touch. Many of your potential customers will save coupons to use in the future or share them with friends and family.

Today’s Mail can be Interactive; smartphones and devices can scan and interact with your message and your brand in ways that wow your customers and prompt them to take action.

Allow your marketing to spend more time with prospects.

The right message to the right people!

Use direct mail marketing as a breakthrough method to reach your prospects. A piece of mail gets more attention than any other media. Your prospects are physically touching it; they see it.

For brand recognition, THAT is an excellent start; When the right message targets the right person, your chances for a successful breakthrough with your prospect increase dramatically.

We can help identify your target market and get a list to match. We also use your current list of customers or prospects; We can mail to this list and use it to help identify more ideal opportunities.

Every Door Direct Mail:

Saturation mailing made easy!

Every Door Direct Mail or (EDDM for short) Is a way for marketers and businesses to mail by route, without a mailing list. The postage for EDDM is significantly less than mail (as of December 2021, the retail postage rate for EDDM was .189 Cents per piece).

Also, the simplified method eliminates the cost and the need to address marketing mail. EDDM is an excellent direct mail solution for geographically based marketing methods or businesses that benefit by focusing on geography, such as restaurants, contractors, municipalities, and even political campaigns. For more information on EDDM, Read the Every Door Direct Mail Business Guide.

Variable Data Printing:

Personalized messages let your customers know you care:

We can personalize elements within your mail pieces with digital printing technology, such as text, images, and other graphics. Go beyond the salutation and create an intimate moment with your customers.

A personalized direct mail piece gets more attention from your audience, and they will spend more time with your message and are more likely to respond. Including VDP in your marketing mail increases your value to your clients by proving that you know something about them; And that you care too.

Mail Piece Design:

Getting the right look the correct way:

There are many reasons to let us help you with your mailpiece design. We can blend the creative and the technicalities to deliver a visually captivating mail piece and assure your mail is compliant with postal regulations.

The design, shape, and size of your direct mail piece will be the most significant factor in the postage rate. So let’s work together and find the right blend of creative design with technical knowledge to ensure the best postage and deliver the right message.

Data Services

The correct information at the right time:

We can procure almost any list you can image. We can match your ideal customer or manage your list. We can provide CASS certifications and scrub your current client list against the NCOA (national change of Address) list. Let help you narrow in on the target market and save you money and time by updating your current lists.

Informed Delivery/ Visibility:

Bringing it all together.

Informed Delivery is a free notification service that gives your potential consumers the ability to preview their mail digitally.

This allows mailers to engage users through synchronized direct mail and digital marketing campaigns. This add-on feature helps strengthen integrated marketing campaigns.

"Direct Mail Dos and DONT'S"

Direct Mail is an effective way to market your business.
Here are a few quick tips to maximize your direct mail marketing investment and avoid some common and preventable pitfalls.

"Direct Mail Dos"

  • Please schedule a consultation with us on how to strategically integrate Direct Mail into your media campaign.
  • Make a meaningful offer, and make it visible on your piece. This call to action will boost response rates.
  • When looking at your options for format, list, etc., aim for High Return on Your Investment, NOT the lowest cost.
  • Track everything you can.
  • Include something to scan with a mobile device such as a QR code or Augmented Reality; use visual elements to engage with your audience.
  • Use Direct Mail as an asset to reach your business goals; acquire more customers and build relationships with current customers.

"Direct Mail DON'TS"

  • Start a campaign without a clear objective, and you can measure.
  • Try to cram in a lot of copy; this overwhelms the reader. Instead, direct them to your website for more info if needed.
  • Forget to create a landing page specific to your direct mail piece to reinforce your entire campaign. Also, be sure these landing pages implement a responsive design to view on any device.
  • Assume you know what your customer wants, use your campaign to ask them, and respond to their needs.
  • Waste money, be sure to take the time to update your list before each campaign to ensure your mailing to deliverable addresses and see if a customer has moved.