Acquiring Business Assets

Acquiring Your Business Marketing Assets

This incomplete list intends to guide business owners to organize the marketing assets of their business that they may not realize they have under their control. Often we have come across clients that are missing essential pieces of a marketing campaign; Requiring extra time and money to get up to speed with their marketing goals and put on par with the competition.

This white paper intends to provide a checklist of the basics, bring awareness to the hidden value in your company, and avoid potential pitfalls.

Acquiring Digital Assets

Part 1: Domain Name

Is your Companies domain name registered in your name?

Why it matters.

Your domain name is part of your brand and serves as a “digital address.”

Depending on how long you have published your website, you probably have links from other sites leading prospects into your open arms. In addition, some companies will buy a name for you when developing/designing your site. This practice is innocent enough, but it is not in your best interest as a business owner as convenient as it may seem.

Set up an account with a domain name registrant like GoDaddy or NameCheap. We recommend GoDaddy for registering your domain name. They give you the ability to grant web professionals access to your domain name settings so they can do their job without needing your login info; And you can keep the registration in your name. So if you want to hire a new service to maintain your online presence, your current domain can’t be held hostage. Furthermore, if you decide to sell your business one day, it will be easier to turn over access to the owners and increase the value of your business.

There are countless reasons why you should own this particular business asset and protect it with your life. But the most obvious reason is that this is part of your business identity; And because it is so apparent, it is commonly overlooked. To be sure you own your domain, start with a “whois” search. Then, after you set up an account with your registrar of choice, be sure to pick up other domain extensions and TLDs such as .NET.ORG.INFO, and others appropriate TLDs.