Make a Resolution for your business in 2019

This incomplete list is intended to be a guide for business owners to organize the marketing assets of their business that they may or may not realize they have under their control. Many times we have come across clients that are missing important pieces of a marketing campaign; And requiring extra time and money to get up to speed with where they need to be with their marketing goals and put on par with the competition.

Domain Name registered in your name:

Why it matters. Your domain name is part of your online brand but also serves as a “digital address” Depending on how long you have your website published you probably have links from other sites leading prospects into your open arms.

Some companies will buy a name for you when developing / designing your site. This practice is innocent enough, but as convenient as it may seem it not in your best interest as a business owner. Set up an account with a domain name registrant like godaddy or namecheap.

We recommend godaddy for registering your domain name. They give you the ability to grant web professionals access to your domain name settings so they can do their job without needing your login info..and you can keep the registration in your own name. So if you want to hire a new service to maintain your online presence your current domain can’t be held hostage.

Furthermore if you decide to sell your business one day, it will be easier to turn over access to the owners and increase the value of your business.

There are countless reasons why you should own this particular business asset and protect it with your life. But the most obvious is that this is part of your business identity, and this is something that because it so obvious it is commonly overlooked.  To be sure you own your domain start with a “whois” search. After you set up account with your registrar of choice be sure to pick up other domain extensions and TLDS such as .NET .ORG .INFO etc.

  • Email | or
  • Other TLD’s
  • Backordering
  • Whois
  • Value of your domain

Social Medias

There are too many Social media platforms to list so well cover some of the basics.

Many business owners have delegated the setup and management of  their favorite social media flavor to a young hip employee, then down the road that employee leaves for any number of reasons; Or even worse they are using a personal account setup for business purposes.

Have your own personal account and make sure you have ownership role for social media assets. You do not want to have your brand misrepresented or have a potential client trying to communicate with you ignored.  Also don’t be intimidated by setting these accounts up for yourself. If you are shy and don’t want to be “putting yourself out there” don’t worry. You can still delegate access to a third party or trusted employee to manage the presence of the business online independently of a personal account.

Facebook page Owned by you (not an employee)

  • Facebook for business
  • Linkedin company page?
  • Twitter Handle          
  • Google my business*
  • Google Plus Page*
  • Yelp                        

*All the others (don’t be overwhelmed good start to google yourself and see what comes up Google your competitors and do the same…Citation services (Contact Us)

*Google “one account to control them all”  Setting up a google email account or “gmail” will single handedly make your life exponentially easier because you can use the same login creds for all google products.

Google analytics

  • Audiences  
  • All insights
  • Google Alerts for your business

Website Content. Images, articles and other content should be on saved on file somewhere. Most website developers own the specific arraignment of the content; not the content itself perse. Be sure this fact is clear in your contract.

Your brand guidelines sometimes known as a Brand style guide is the document that codifies how your brand is presented to the world. It maintains consistency by providing a reference and examples for anyone who works for you or with you. This consistency is certainly important with the public it also provides guidelines for everyone within your company as well. Most importantly having these guidelines when working with a third party such as an agency, designer, advertiser, or printer will help ensure your brand your business  and your message is represented correctly.

Logo: Even though your logo would be included in your branding guidelines; it is important enough to list separate. There are some important items to make sure have.  (Even if you do not have the programs to open these file types you should still have them saved somewhere)

  • Branding Guidelines
  • Font file like TTF file or other font file (at least know what font you use) Multiple fonts? I.e. Some fonts cost money. SO if you want / need someone to recreate a logo from scratch could have some unexpected cost if you do not have the font file
  • File types Vector file .eps, png  
  • Color profile CMYK and RGB

Tools to find out what is where: i.e.

These things may be obvious, and the tip of the iceberg OR seem a little overwhelming but make it a priority to acquire these business assets..they will save you time and money and add value to your business.