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Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a useful tool for businesses of all sizes.

There are several reasons why direct mail marketing can be beneficial for businesses:

  • Mail is selective. Businesses can target their best customers or specific segments of their customer base.
  • Mail is measurable. The effectiveness of offers, quality of lists, and design appeal can be tracked and measured.
  • Mail has a wide reach. Everyone has a mailing address, giving businesses direct access to all of their current and potential customers.
  • Mail is personal. It creates a direct line of communication between businesses and their clients.
  • Mail is relevant. Businesses can customize their messages to speak to a targeted audience or demographic.
  • Businesses have control over when to send mail and what it will look like.
  • Mail is tangible. Customers can touch it and save coupons or share them with friends and family.
  • Today's mail can be interactive. Smartphones and other devices can scan and interact with messages and brands in ways that engage customers and encourage them to take action.

Every Door Direct Mail

The Complete Guide to EDDM for Business | Current Rates and all your questions answered.

Direct Mail Marketing Services

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Direct mail marketing

How to Get Help with Direct Mail: The Ultimate Guide to EDDM Specialists

July 26, 2023
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  Introduction: Small business owners seek increased exposure for their businesses. While EDDM is related to direct mail, many lack proper guidance throughout the entire process. An experienced EDDM specialist proficient in preparation, design, printing, and delivery can steer clear of pitfalls and provide valuable suggestions to maximize ROI. Unlike other companies offering a hands-off…

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Postage Discounts

Bulk Mail Postage Discount Incentives

January 15, 2023
Posted in ,

Discover the best discounts for bulk mail from the United States Postal Service (USPS). Learn how to increase engagement and response rates by incorporating tactile, sensory, or interactive features into your mail pieces. Optimize your bulk mail campaigns with our expert tips and tools. The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a variety of discounts…

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EDDM in Bethel CT

How much does EDDM cost in Bethel Connecticut?

January 8, 2023
Posted in ,

Every Door Direct Mail in Bethel CT What are your mailing options? How much does it cost? Looking to advertise your business in Bethel, Connecticut using EDDM? Find out how much it costs with our comprehensive guide. Learn about various EDDM options and pricing for Bethel CT. Source: 01/08/2023 Postage Rates Subject to Change*…

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Print Bleed Template

Print Bleeds Explained

January 8, 2023
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  Print bleeds are a critical element in prepress print design. Still, many people need to become more familiar with what they are and why they are necessary. This blog post will explain print bleeds and their importance in print design. If you would rather skip the details and hire a professional graphic designer, contact us…

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Improved Efficiency of Direct Mail Campaigns with Variable Data Printing

December 21, 2022
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Variable data printing is a printing method that allows for the customization of each piece within a larger printing run. This is in contrast to traditional printing methods, which produce identical copies of a single design. By using variable data printing for direct mail campaigns, businesses can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing…

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The power of personalized direct mail in a digital world

December 6, 2022
Posted in ,

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with digital marketing messages, it can be easy to forget the power of direct mail. But when it comes to personalized direct mail, there is still a lot of potential to reach your target audience and make a lasting impression. Personalized direct mail can be a powerful…

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Darien CT EDDM Map

How Much Does EDDM Cost In Darien CT

June 7, 2022
Posted in ,

Every Door Direct Mail in Darien CT What are your mailing options?How much does it cost?   06820-C001 353 2 355 3.0% 3.36 $249.42k $71.00 06820-C002 455 9 464 6.7% 3.08 $185.98k $92.80 06820-C004 344 1 345 3.7% 2.99 $245.14k $69.00 06820-C005 376 5 381 7.1% 3.10 $194.14k $76.20 06820-C007 526 3 529 6.0% 3.30…

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Rowayton CT EDDM Map

How Much Does EDDM Cost In Rowayton CT

June 3, 2022
Posted in ,

Every Door Direct Mail in Rowayton CT What are your mailing options?How much does it cost? Route  Residential  Business  Total Age: 25-34  Size  Income  Cost 06853-C001 361 5 366 7.9% 2.52 $141.15k $73.20 06853-C002 269 3 272 6.4% 2.62 $150.60k $54.40 06853-C003 226 43 269 5.3% 2.46 $141.05k $53.80 06853-C004 310 4 314 5.2% 2.42 $140.45k…

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Direct Mail Cost for Newtown CT

How Much Does EDDM Cost In Newtown CT

January 25, 2022
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Every Door Direct Mail in Newtown CT? Zip Code 06470 What are your mailing options?How much does it cost? Route  Residential  Business  Total Age: 25-34  Size Income Cost 06470-C001 378 137 515 8.5% 2.74 $91.14k $100.94 06470-C002 457 13 470 5.1% 2.78 $113.54k $92.12 06470-C003 310 16 326 5.3% 2.83 $99.77k $63.90 06470-C004 235 137 372…

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EDDM Routes in Southbury CT

How Much Does EDDM Cost In Southbury CT

January 19, 2022
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Every Door Direct Mail in Southbury CT What are your mailing options?How much does it cost? Route # Residential   Business   Total Ages 25-34% Household Size Income average Postage Cost (approx) 06488-C001 531 32 563 3.00% 1.68 $50.28k $112.60 06488-C002 508 3 511 3.10% 1.81 $57.70k $102.20 06488-C004 504 10 514 2.90% 1.64 $49.30k $102.80 06488-C005…

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