Celebrating Local Flavors: Business Link Supports Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week CBL

We know the heart of our community beats in local eateries' kitchens and neighborhood establishments' dining rooms. It's where chefs and restaurateurs pour their passion into creating dishes that tell a story, share a tradition, or introduce a new flavor that will become a cherished memory.

This is why we are proudly supporting Bethel Restaurant Week, hosted by the Bethel Chamber of Commerce. But our involvement is more than just a sponsorship—it's a commitment to the vibrancy and growth of our local economy. When we invest in events like Restaurant Week, we're nurturing a fertile ground for small businesses to thrive and enabling residents to savor the diverse and rich culinary scene that Bethel has to offer.

From the freshest organic produce to the most inventive dishes, Bethel Restaurant Week is an opportunity for food lovers and families to explore new tastes and revisit old favorites. Each participating restaurant is not just a business; it's a neighbor, a friend, and a vital part of what makes Bethel a wonderful place to live and visit.

We invite you to join us in this celebration of taste and community spirit. Together, let's support the eateries that make Bethel a food lover's delight and keep our local economy strong. Dine out, indulge in the unique flavors, and let every meal be a reason to celebrate the people behind the plate.
Remember, when you dine locally, you're not just enjoying a meal—you're contributing to the story of Bethel, one bite at a time.