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A Website is the core pillar of a modern marketing strategy. We can create from scratch a brand-new website or redesign a current site which Incorporates a modern responsive website design while adhering to current industry standards.  We mainly work with WordPress as a content management framework.  WordPress powers over 60 million websites and counting. Its popular, stable and scalable. So whatever your plans for growth are we believe in developing a website that has the ability to scale up with your business.

Website design:

Your business has specific objectives and requirements; Our team of Web development professionals will provide a unique solution made specifically to meet your business needs. We recognize the need to have dominate digital presence; and that requires more than just a pretty looking website. We look at ALL your business needs, so your website works hand in hand with your other marketing efforts and your business operations. We do more than develop your website, We develop your business.

Website redesigns:

A lot has changed since reading this sentence. Keeping your websites appearance up to date is as important as keeping your websites content, user experiences, legal policies, and site structure up to date. We’ll update your website to a standard that inspires confidence in future and current clients. We Believe in scale-ability; so your website can grow with your business and with the times. Chances are you’re not wearing the same outfit to work you wore in 1990, so why not buy some new threads for your business…improve your image and update your functionality.

ecommerce websites:

Expanding your market.  If you are starting from scratch or need to integrate an Ecommerce solution into your current website, we can make that a reality for you.  Building an online experience for your customers will retain current clients and help expand your market regionally, nationally, or even globally.  We are happy to build a simple online shopping experience for your business; however, we have experience in developing large ecommerce sites with complex products and pricing models. We can also build systems that will integrate with your inventory and billing.

Website integrations:

Do you need to expand your business services? Need new and innovative ways to interact with customers through your website? Or do you simply want your website to be inline with your other marketing efforts? Let us upgrade the functionality of your business, integrate the tools you need, and streamline your marketing efforts. Our process includes working within a testing environment, so we can incorporate new services without interrupting your business operations.

Other website services:

Acquiring your digital assets:

We believe that when you pay for something it belongs to you. In some cases, our potential clients have domains registered in someone else’s name, can’t access their content or site analytics, or some other problem / issue acquiring something that belongs to them; And we think that’s just not right. We can offer guidance or full assistance in acquiring the assets that belong to your business.

Website development: WordPress Website design | website redesigns | ecommerce websites | Website integrations Connecticut
Website development: WordPress Website design | website redesigns | ecommerce websites | Website integrations Connecticut

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