Project Description


Protopac Printing

Target demographic:

Landscapers operating within a 25 mile radius of Shop address.


To cultivate leads for clients EDDM service.

Methods used:

Direct mail |Informed Delivery Email | Re-marketing | Facebook Ads | Google Ads | Hubspot In-bound


Protopac Printing and marketing is promoting its mailing service with a cross channel marketing campaign. Using a targeted list of businesses that operate under sic codes for landscapers within a 25 mile radius of the Watertown headquarters; We produced a postcard directing our audience to a landing page ( The primary objective of the landing page is to schedule an appointment for a free deign consultation. The Landing page has google and faebook re-marketing tags. We will use the these tags to segment visitors from our list who did not convert by making an appointment. From this segmented list we will continue to advertise to this audience through Facebook and the google ad network.

Additional we will be using the USPS Informed delivery service. According to pre-campaign report there are approx 182 user (7%) of our target audience will receive the extra email with the full color “ride alone images”

Infromed delivery ride along image

Print Specifications:

Finish size: 4.25″ x 6″

Color Spec:
Full Color: 4/4

Paper Stock:
14 PT un-coated cover

Mail Class:
Presorted First Class Mail Rate