Payment options for Every Door Direct Mail

Obviously, the bottom line cost of a direct mail campaign will be the biggest factor for deciding how or if to conduct a marketing campaign with Every Door Direct Mail.  Although the EDDM program is a cost effective way for a small business to conduct a direct mail campaign; There can be a few caveats that could be a barrier for a business to step up their marketing campaign.  However, for the budget minded marketer, there are options available to make paying for a direct mail campaign easier.

reliable marketing methods Every Door Direct MailWhat are you paying for with EDDM?

There are basically two different things you are paying for with direct mail. There is the price of printing and the cost of postage. The retail eddm postage rate as of today (July 2018) is 18 cents per piece. For total postage you can expect to pay at least the minimum quantity for your route multiplied by 18 cents.

Then there is the cost of printing and mailing services. Again, the cost here will vary based on the size and quantity. Many mail houses may have a minimum quantity. There can be quite a bit wrapped up the price of print and mail service for Every Door Direct Mail, so be sure to read and understand your estimate and ask what is included.


Every Door Direct Mail Printing Payment plans:

When planning your direct mail campaign it is important to have the geography of the area you want to mail too well thought out in advance. This way you will know the quantity you will need to order.  The best way to save money on your overall printing cost is to order larger quantities, this will reduce the per piece price and in effect increase the overall ROI. The easiest way to finance your EDDM printing cost is to put it on a credit card. Most local print shops will accept credit cards. Ask what the typically turnaround time is; It is not uncommon to pay a deposit (typically 25% to half of the total), the remainder can be paid when the artwork is approved or when the job is complete. This may buy you another week to cover your printing cost. An additional benefit to working with a local print shop is they may give you terms to pay the invoice; that is if you have a good relationship and payment history with them.


Every Door Direct Mail Postage Payment Plans:

Retail EDDM postage cost are due at the time that your mail piece is delivered to post office. As of recently the USPS does allow you to pay for EDDM retail postage with a credit card.  One overlooked method is to parlay or stagger your mail campaign. In other words if you have 10,000 EDDM sized post cards, it is possible to send out a partial order as long as an entire route is covered. For example: You want to mail to 20 postal routes with 500 homes on each. It is possible to send to one route at a time, spending approximately $90  each time instead of spending  $1800 at once for sending out the total all at once. There are a few things to keep in mind when exercising this strategy, The postage rates for Every Door Direct Mail could increase. Over the last couple years those rates have increased several times.  Also you will have to make another trip to the post office and resubmit all the paper work for each trip. If you are working with a local print company that is distributing for you they may charge a delivery fee.



Every Door Direct Mail program was designed to  be accessible for small business. Since most prices for EDDM is illustrated as a total cost it can seem overwhelming and cost prohibitive. But when taking the time plan appropriately and to ask the right questions and finding the right partnerships it is possible to finance Every Door Direct Mail. (see How a local printer can help with Every Door Direct Mail). In some cases it could be possible that the direct mail campaign is paying off before you even have made any payments!