EDDM Sizes the most Common Eligible Postcard Mailers

Eligible EDDM Sizes:

Standard dimensions for postcards that are compatible with EDDM.

When planning your mail design, you will want to consider the shape of your piece while crafting your message. Be sure to work within the limitations of the postal regulations, or your piece may be rejected! The following are standard EDDM sizes that can be easily printed at any commercial print shop. Depending on the size you choose for a final design, the shape will influence the aesthetics of the piece and the clarity of your message. So, make a clear plan of what your message should look like and sketch it out first. Then, you can use these dimensions to guide how you envision your mail piece.


These sizes will qualify for the "Every Door Direct Mail" Program when oriented horizontally OR vertically. However, it is important that the mailing indicia is oriented correctly.  A good rule to follow is to have the indicia and mailing label going in the same direction as the rest of the text.

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Dimension Class for EDDM Sized Postcards:  

 "Skinny Class"

These sizes give a long rectangular sleek look to your message. The oblong shape stands out in the box. Think of an oversized ticket stub!

4" x 11"

4.25" x 11" Exactly half the size of an 8.5" x11" piece of paper; Also 2nd most popular size.

4.5" x 11"

"Almost Square"

If you are looking for more of a "block look" like your standard postcards this may be a good size to work with.  These can work well for displaying a couple of high-resolution photos with a description block. Or a high-resolution photo as a faint background with easy to read the text as an overlay.

6" x 11" Ok we know this one is not even close, but you can still apply the geometric concepts to the layout.

6.5" x 8"

6.5" x 9" One of the more popular dimensions


"The Over Achievers"

Or "box busters" these oversized postcards are guaranteed to cut through the other clutter in prospects mailboxes. These sizes are ideal for menus that may need a lot of space or if you just want your message to come through loud and clear.

6.5" x 12"

8" x 10"

8.5" x 11" This is a familiar shape.

9" x 11"

9" x 12"

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