About Philip Langin

Born and raised in Connecticut. Phil started working for the family business at 8 years old. (not an exaggeration) After Graduating from Southern Connecticut State University (early & at the top of his class also not an exaggeration) He worked as an advertising consultant for Utah Based PDC, pioneering new territory for them in the Fairfield and Westchester markets. From there Phil took that talent back on home to help grow the Family Business. "Each Business is unique, it has its own personality. I enjoy learning & illustrating what makes one business stand out among the competition."

Acquiring your business assets

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Make a Resolution for your business in 2019 This incomplete list is intended to be a guide for business owners to organize the marketing assets of their business that they may or may not realize they have under their control. Many times we have come across clients that are missing important pieces of a marketing

How To Get More 5-Star Reviews & Amplify Your Brand

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How To Get More 5-Star Reviews & Amplify Your Brand Why You Need Reviews Almost Everyone Reads Reviews Before dining or shopping, 93% of U.S. consumers check online reviews at least some of the time. Reviews Are Trusted 72% of consumers trust

looking back to the early days of website design

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looking back to the early days of website design| A warning to anyone whose website is an internet relic. The mid-late 1990s were the childhood sandbox of the internet, a time of great expectations for the future and arguable low standards for the present website design. It has been a long time since every PC

United Statespost office implements cross channel marketing strategy to promote every door direct mail service.

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United States post office implements cross channel marketing strategy to promote every door direct mail service. Recently we have been getting many calls from local business owner’s inquiring about the new every door direct mail or (EDDM) program offered through the United States Postal Service. The interesting thing about this phenomena is not the details