12 Best Ways to Spend Your Political Advertising Budget

Responsible for a Political Advertising Budget?

12 Top Notch Ways to Spend Your Money

Political Advertising Budget

Being a treasurer or campaign manager for a political candidate is a great honor, much responsibility, and sometimes a little overwhelming. Since your role in this campaign is likely a volunteer position, we know this experienced guidance will be valuable. The one question we always get is:

"What is the most effective way to spend money that will deliver the most impact and convince voters to elect our candidate?" 

Here are 12 top-notch ways to do just that!

  1. Design Assets:

    Invest in quality graphic design and video production. Once you have your graphic and video assets, you'll be able to get them distributed.

  2. Professional Graphic Design Help:

    Have a professional, reliable (and Local ) Graphic designer on hand.

  3. Press:

    Get local media to cover your campaign events. This press will have a beneficial impact on exposure for your candidate. In addition, some outlets are a little more eager to give media coverage to those who advertise with them, so it might be worth running an ad announcing a candidacy.

  4. Voter List:

    Sources such as your registrar of voters may provide some info for free. But you still need to spend a few dollars updating and verifying the deliverability of mailing addresses and emails. Depending on your list's size, the cost is relatively low compared to the savings and the ability to gain maximum exposure.

  5. Candidate Website.

    When building the website for your candidate, you will want to consider the three S's "Style, Speed, and Security" It needs to look good and be fast. Consider the security of your political campaigns website too. It is easy for bad actors to hijack domain names, emails, and services attached to your domain name without anyone knowing until it's too late.
    Unfortunately, politicians are active targets of this bad behavior.

  6. Yard Signs.

    Great exposure and a great way to let voters show their support. A "Sign pick up event" is a wonderful way to get some face time with your most enthusiastic supporters.

  7. Variable Data Printing:

    Personalizing your direct mail campaigns is a sure way to connect with voters and motivate them on election day. It can also be a helpful tool for guiding voters on election day, for example, informing a voter about the location of their polling station.

  8. Every Door Direct Mail:

    Every Door Direct Mail, an inexpensive direct mail solution for any political campaign. This is a great tool to get your message out to an entire district.

  9. Facebook Ads and Instagram Ad Management:

    You may not like it, but you have to accept that many of your constituency is on Social Media. There are many hurdles to get started with Facebook ads for special categories like "elections and social issues." But it is necessary. These ads get much exposure, but you should let us manage these ads to get the most value and impact.

  10. Digital Ads and Retargeting:

    This is different from Facebook and Instagram ads. We categorize digital ad spend separately because the strategy is different. We can Geo Target IP address, particular interests, specific websites, and specific audiences. The Rules are different, too, and the creative ad design.

  11. Pizza:

    By pizza, we mean to invest in your volunteers. Those who are making phone calls, helping your candidate knock on doors. Letting them know they are appreciated will keep them enthusiastic when talking about your candidate and encourage volunteers to show up.

  12. Fundraising:

    There is no shame in asking for the money your campaign needs to operate. You will need to spend money to make this money. All of the previous suggestions can help with raising funds for your campaign.